Wedding Song Guide ...

Need some ideas on your Wedding Dance Song(s)?

Here are some ideas from the romantic to the upbeat, all recently chosen by Wedding Couples ...
.... some romantic, some country, some international, some cheeky!!!
.... all danced to with FUN lessons from the Let's DANCE Co!!!

Dance to a soft song or dance to something faster!  
Why not mix it up? Dance to part of a slow song, then part of a fast song!

Oh, for our Wedding Couples we provide free professional song editing and mixing.
Enjoy a professional (perhaps shortened) version of your song (and dance a little less) ...
... or blended mix of your (perhaps shortened) slow-then-faster songs!


Romantic ...

And More Songs You May Enjoy...
"The Way You Look Tonight" - Elton John
"Throw Your Arms Around Me" - Mark Seymour
"Marry Me" - Train
"Safe & Sound" - Featuring The Cival Wars The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond)
"Andy Williams" - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Country ...

International ... 

Cheeky / Upbeat ....

And More Songs You May Enjoy...

"Right There" - Nicole Scherzinger  ft 50 Cent

"Let’s Get This Party Started" - Pink

"The Way You Make Me Feel" - Michael Jackson

"Adorn" - Miguel

"Shine My Shoes" - Robbie Williams

"How Sweet It Is" - Michael Buble

"Sexual Healing" - Marvin Gaye

All of these many songs were recently chosen by couples for their Wedding Dance, and all of these amazing couples were taught by the Let's DANCE Co! Simply click here for the details (prices, etc)!

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