Wedding Dance Tips

Wedding Dance Tips to Help You Best

Allow yourself time to get comfortable with dancing ...

Based on a decade of Beginner-level teaching experience, we suggest you start your pay-as-you-go lessons at least four months before your wedding day to help you master the steps! (After the first lesson you simply choose how lessons you want.) As dancing is a skill that requires your body to get used to balance, timing, technique and comfort it's always best to allow yourself and your body time to learn the steps. Plus you'll learn to not only dance at your Wedding but afterwards for decades together! 

Starting your lessons only several weeks before your wedding is not recommended.

Practice in dance shoes similar to your wedding dance shoes (from lesson six and beyond) ...
Practicing in your wedding dance shoes (or shoes very similar) greatly helps in the later stages of your lessons as it will get you comfortable with the heal size of your wedding shoes.

After you have learnt the fundamentals and are comfortable with your customised wedding routine, that's when we encourage you to practice with your wedding dance shoes.

So as to help you best, we help you avoid any unwanted surprises on the night!

Practice in a long dress that touches the floor (from lesson six and beyond) ...
A long flowing dress that touches the floor again helps to replicate the environment and type of dress you will be wearing on your special day.

After learning your fundamental steps, we then get you used to the way in which a long dress will move and behave so you are comfortable with such in your Wedding Dance. 

Bring it all together ...
Your Wedding Day should be an exciting time filled with joy and pleasure.
We know there are many activities and much excitement that happens throughout the day and it's a long day .................

We provide you then with helpful tips on how to prepare yourself for the most anticipated time of the evening ... your Wedding Dance!

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