How to Overcome Nerves When It Comes To Your Wedding Dance

Would you like to know the secret of a perfect wedding dance without nerves getting in the way?

Let's Dance Studios is a professional dance studio run by dance experts for couples looking to perform a memorable wedding dance. We will work with you to choreograph the perfect wedding dance for you and your partner, which everyone will remember for a lifetime.
If you are in or around the Brisbane area and looking to plan for your upcoming wedding dance lessons, then Let's Dance Studios is the place for you. We will work with you to create a special dance, for your special day, and teach you a way of remembering the steps, so you'll forget to be nervous

Are you looking to discover that romantic connection that can make your wedding dance a memorable one?


What You Get When You Sign Up For A Private Wedding Dance At Let's Dance Studios?

Let's Dance Studios offers private sessions that are dedicated to getting both the bride and groom up on their feet and freely learning the steps to their wedding dance together. Most of the couples seek something sublime and spectacular when it comes to their wedding dance. Therefore, the dance professionals at Let's Dance Studios teach and train the couple to perform a very special and unique wedding dance that syncs together perfectly with the bride and groom.
Dance instructors at Let's Dance Studios are specifically trained to teach beginners who have never have any dance training before. They teach beginners and break down the dance into a step by step process, which is easy to remember and ensures everyone is comfortable with the routine way before the big day.
Couples can also sign up for private dance classes as well.  The studio provides a better learning atmosphere where couples can practice their wedding dance privately under the supervision of helpful instructors and friendly staff.
Besides dance classes, Let's Dance Studios also offers free services including:
  1. Software editing of the couple's favourite dance songs.
  2. Pre-composed list of dance steps to make it easier for the couple to practice their wedding dance at home.
  3. Customer support via phone when the couple is practicing as home.
  4. We also provide refreshments for couples during their fun and private wedding dance lessons!

If your wedding is still six months away, you can still enquire about wedding dance lessons and Brisbane and Gold Coast residents you will be able to find Let's Dance Studio easily.


The wedding dance studio is open all 7 days and nights. If you are interested, you can make a booking from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. from Monday to Sunday. Let's Dance Studio is very flexible with timings, and we are readily available for the couple at the time of their choosing.

Couples can select from various Latin American dance styles and the dance instructor will customise the choreography to suit your wedding dance song.

Dance instructors at Let's Dance Studios let couples practice their chosen wedding dance several times before the wedding day to ensure they stay confident on their big night. They encourage couples to practice their dance wearing their actual wedding dress and shoes to ensure nothing will get in the way of their perfect wedding dance. They key is, for the couple to feel comfortable wearing their wedding dress and dance their best on their big day.


Book in your Wedding Dance with one of our Brisbane instructors today and we'll help you forget those nerves, and enjoy your special day.